DECEMBER 18, 2009

Now offering trash can liners!

We have recently added to our expanding product line by offering trash can liners as well as our quality beverages.

Fresh 1 Distributors LLC
1191 Quick Rabbit Loop
Charleston, SC 29414

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Child Care Products

Made from only Pasteurized Juice Concentrates, FreshPack™ Juices lead the pack in pricing compared to RTD cans or bottles.

Our bag in the box juices are avail in 1.5 gal, 3 gal, and 5 gal concentrate. We offer the highest quality products, the best pricing (please compare), along with a 24 hour customer service that strives to be the best in the South.

We offer weekly and bi-weekly delivery schedules.

Our flavors include:

  • Very berry
  • Apple
  • White grape
  • Fruit punch
  • Cherry
  • Blue raspberry
  • Cran apple

Some other facts about our child care products:

  • 100% juice
  • No sugar added
  • FDA approved
  • No color added - wont stain
  • Shelf stable
  • Juice containers provided
  • Full day of Vitamin C
  • Easy to mix
  • No refrigeration needed

Please email us if you'd like more information